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Lufthansa Cargo A. G. (LCAG) was founded on November 30, 1994. It ranks among the world¡¯s leading air freight carriers. The company currently employs about 4,500 people, worldwide. Lufthansa Cargo focuses on the airport-to-airport business. The cargo carrier serves around 300 destinations in approximately 100 countries with its own fleet of freighters, the belly capacities of passenger aircraft operated by Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines and Eurowings, and an extensive road feeder service network. It is the first air freight transportation company that wins ISO quality authentication in China, running regular freighter flights in Greater China include Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hongkong to Frankfurt, and passenger flights from Qingdao, Shenyang, Nanjing to Frankfurt.

Twelve MD-11F three-engine wide-body long-haul aircraft currently make up the heart of the Lufthansa Cargo fleet. The first two B777F went into operation in November 2013. Since February 2015, it added a total of five Boeing 777Fs to its fleet. In order to ensure that its utilization of aircraft capacities remains flexible, it also use passenger aircraft for freight transport. And the road feeder service (RFS) ensures onward transportation of your freight on the ground - worldwide.

Shenzhen Airport Co., Ltd. (SACL) was founded in Apr.1998; initiated exclusively by Shenzhen Airport (Group) Co., Ltd, and enlisting public shares. SACL was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in the same year. SACL is running Shenzhen Airport, which started operating in Oct. 1991.Shenzhen Airport is a modern international airport specializing in intermodal transport by sea, land and air, and is the first airport adopting transit transport in the territory of China. By the end of Apr. 2013, it has opened 141 routes, had air traffic reaching 103 cities at homes and aboard, and is home to 9 airlines.

Shenzhen Bao¡¯an International Airport enjoys fast growing aviation business since its putting into use, for many years it has kept the position of the fourth largest airport in the country. Its passenger throughput reached ten million person-trips in 2003, officially making it one of the top one hundred airports in the world. It became one of the world's busiest airports by hitting 20 million person-trips in passenger throughput in 2007. By the end of 2011, Shenzhen Airport¡¯s passenger throughput reached 28.245 million person-trips; cargo and mail throughput 828 thousand tons; and flight movement 224 thousand times. In terms of cargo, Shenzhen Bao¡¯an International Airport was awarded the ¡°Annual Best Airfreight Airport¡± by world¡¯s authoritative magazine ¡°Air Cargo News¡± in Mar 2013, and this is the first time for china¡¯s domestic airport to receive this honor.


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