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ICCS is located right at the heart of the Pearl River Delta economic zone.   Shenzhen is one of the most modern international transportation hubs in China that provides air, road and sea transport. It is only 30 minutes away from Hong Kong, any major cities within the Asia Pacific can be reached within a range of a 4-hours flight.


Manufacturing Centre

Shenzhen itself is a significant manufacturing and production center of the world, with influential market shares of air transport-dependent products including computers and parts, electronics, telecommunication devices, chemicals, medicines and apparels. With the strategic location, ICCS is here to provide high quality air cargo handling services to all international flights.


Process, IT
With streamlined processes and utilization of the most up-to-date information technology,
real time data is captured every step of the way.  "Hermes" is the most contemporary Ground Cargo Handling System available today which addresses every aspect of running a modern, efficient and reliable ground handling operation. Currently the same system is also used by internationally renowned airports, amongst them Frankfurt, London Heathrow, and Shanghai.


Safety and Security Focus

With up-to-date security facilities and responsible security staffs, ICCS can be reliable for securing you cargo safe and sound.
·More than 73 CCTV Cameras in the warehouse(at least 90 days recording)

·Well-trained security guards are employed to check all gates of the ICCS terminal permanently and to patrol through and around the Cargo Terminal day and night.

·All movements of cargo in the warehouse, on the ramp and at the buffer areas are controlled by Hermes Cargo Handling System permanently, so that any irregular moves of shipments are made transparent immediately.

·The ICCS Terminal is located in a Customs bonded area. All trucks that are supposed to leave this area are checked by customs staffs. Drivers must provide a proof for each box they want to take out that they are authorised to do so.

·ICCS has a special procedure in place for all VAL/VUN shipments to make sure they are accompanied by a supervisor or warehouse coordinators though out the whole process.

·For individual customer needs ICCS can provide separate procedures to offer the best solution for the handling of sensitive commodities.


Management and Human Resource

We have advanced management experience from Germany. Our key operation personnel have an average of 10 years industry experience and proficient cargo handling skills.

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