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Forwarders signing an Agreement with ICCS

(Processes and necessary documents)           

- 3 copies of agreement(Provided by ICCS / Click to download Contract (Chinese).pdf 

- Copy of company business license with company chop                    

- Copy of taxation license with company chop                                  

- Copy of ID of artificial person with company chop

- Accounting contact list(The form provided by ICCS / Click to download Accounting List.pdf)

- Deposit to ICCS (By bank transfer, cash, check etc; Minimum 30,000 CNY, deposit can be increased and depended on monthly tonnage / Click to download bank account details Bank Account.pdf

- Three letter code chop(Three letter decided by two parties, chop provided by ICCS)

Please contact Mr.Cao via +86 0755 29982543 for further enquiry    


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