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80 tons relief goods in smooth transit via Shenzhen
On 26th May 2008, 80 tons of a humanitarian aid shipment arrived in Shenzhen from Amsterdam on a China Southern Boeing 747 freighter. Donated by the Swiss Government, the goods, including 1046 tents in the value of RMB 5.71 million, were unloaded from the aircraft and immediately reloaded for forwarding by road to Chongqing.
All parties involved, from Shenzhen Airport, Shenzhen Customs and ICCS, put top priority on the smooth handling of the goods, enabling an unbureaucratic and speedy ground handling. 6 trucks with all the relief goods departed to the final destination where they are urgently needed. Manned with sufficient drivers, the truck will be driving day and night and are planned to arrive in Chongqing within 2 days.
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