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ICCS new operation department handled Lufthansa Cargo inner champion flight
In order to optimize the existing operational resources, ICCS restructured the framework of operation department through combining inbound, outbound, ULD and tracing departments to assemble the resources at one point and achieve integrative operation processes. Meanwhile, ICCS invested on additional training programmes for all operational staffs and repositioning their posts accordingly and retrieved the position of Manager On Duty (MOD) that would work shift as 24 hours everyday. ICCS will be benefit from the entire project in terms of better utilization of both physical and human resources.
International air freight industry suffers a tough situation as tonnage consecutive declined in the previous months worldwide. Lufthansa Cargo AG therefore held an inner sale programme ¡°Born to fill¡± in order to be managed to feed their freighters and bellies with record ¨C load factors. The aim of the new programme is to significantly encourage additional sales revenue through achieving better utilization of aircraft capacities and further cost reduction.
A Lufthansa ¨C Jade Cargo flight JI7405 from Shenzhen to Amsterdam via Shanghai was named as one of internal champion flights on week 32. The actual load of champion flight was 113 tons in total, Shenzhen and Shanghai split the total capacity as 64.5 tons and 48.7 tons respectively.
The champion flight showed that ICCS new restructured operation department kept the commitment to deliver efficient, safe and secured handling services to all airlines, forwarders, shippers and consignees without interrupted.
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