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People and Training
While facing the global financial crisis, Enterprises must know how to control the cost, also to make the most sensible investment decisions. Staff training has been regarded as the most valuable and a high return investment. International Cargo Centre Shenzhen (ICCS) is fully aware of the importance of staff training as early as mid-2006 have started to organize internal English Salon activities, received the proactively participation from employees.
Moreover the 26th Universiade Games will be held in 2011 at Shenzhen. In order to better improve the Shenzhen Bao¡¯an International Airport as a window of an international city functions, further stimulate employee interest in learning English and enhance English oral skill of front line employees, ICCS in cooperation with SACL to hold English Salon activity and open to any airport-related staffs from different companies. Lecturers are selected from ICCS as prominent English-based staffs. English Salon activities is also treated as one of the internal vital training programs according to the policy of SACL and aimed to enhance staff abilities to deal with difficulties of global financial crisis.
English Salon event holds twice a month from time to time and lasts one and half hours each time. A maximum number of students are 50 persons per time and receives participation in individual voluntary approach. Since the 1st launch, English Salon activities have been successfully held eight times so far, involving topics including shopping, food & beverage and freight/passenger transportation service nomenclature. In response to positive feedback, participant numbers exceeded expectation.
Meanwhile, ICCS has organized various types of internal staff training programs from time to time such as basic cargo training, dangerous goods training, customer relationship management training and etc, and continues focusing on the training policies in the future. Through a series of full range of training to enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of internal staffs and improve the self-competitive advantage of ICCS.
ICCS is 50/50 joint venture air cargo terminal between Shenzhen Airport Co.,Ltd and Lufthansa Cargo AG. Over 55% of administrative staffs have bachelor degree or above of which 11 employees have a study aboard experience in multi-countries. ICCS always has an open mind to accept qualified personnel and build a sound human resource system. A talented team creates a high-quality performance and drive sustainable long term development.
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