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ICCS, the Beautiful You


¡°ICCS in Your Eyes¡± - the photography competition, interestingly combined the photography and work together, which makes us watch through our heart while moving our body. Our customers not only show ICCS landmark perfectly, but also the facilities, sunshine, and lights are all beautiful. The little things in our work always leave deep memories in our mind. Kind reminders, safety posters, every brick and every dust brings the familiar flavors to us. The photos shows us a distinctive ICCS corporate culture.
We left the cold in the north, where is blowy, snowy, dry, and with low temperature. It has green trees, beautiful flowers, blue sky and brilliant sunshine here. There are 365 days, 8760 hours without lonely moment throughout the year. When it rained, we can smell the grass in hot summer. Sometimes we feel tired, sad and helpless, but the city gives opportunities to dreamers to dream. We have different culture, language and customs, but we can find happiness and fulfillment in work, as well as tolerance and kindness. You are a Shenzhener once you come to Shenzhen, and you are ICCS¡¯ friend once you come to ICCS.
We live in different ways, but we have similar experience. Perhaps the photographs have not reached the professional level, but the silent photos express the real, natural and honest emotions.

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