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ICCS Had Successfully Finished the Ground Handling of Cirque du Soleil Props


On January 23rd, ICCS handled two special cargo charter of UPS, which loaded important properties of Cirque du Soleil¡¯s show TORUK: The First Flight, which will be pin Sanya, Hainan. The first shipment of 79160kg props departed from Anchorage via flight 5X0076 and arrived in Shenzhen at 17:43 of 21st. The second shipment of 55748 kg props arrived in Shenzhen at 01:15 of 23rd. ICCS coordinated with Customs immediately after receiving the flight schedule. According to the cargo conditions and our experience, we made a detailed plan and a security process, and also opened a green channel and carried out the personnel arrangement. On 22nd & 23rd, two inbound coordinators are in charge of on-site operations. More than 10 forklifts and a number of experienced drivers and porters handled the shipment orderly and efficiently. In the afternoon of 23rd, the whole shipment is delivered and departed to Sanya safely. It is a full affirmation for our colleagues¡¯ efficient work and teamwork ability. It¡¯s a good start of 2018. In the brand new year, we are still committed to develop new business which meet our customer¡¯s demands. At the same time, we will constantly optimize the cargo handling process, improve our service quality and further cooperate with other departments of Shenzhen Airport.

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