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1. Enter Customs Supervision Zone with IC card and park your truck in front of inbound delivery door.

2. Settle the bill and obtain your Vehicle Control Ticket (VCT) in ICCS operation office  service counters.

3. Hand in VCT to ICCS staffs and wait for loading at B3 gate.

4. During loading make sure the AWB number and total pieces are correct.

5. Sign on Release Note and return it to service counters after loading, to connect     information of AWB, car number and ID card.

6. Leave Customs Supervision Zone with IC card.

Please refer to our duty staffs for further information
Bonded Warehouse Distribution Standard
1. Bonded agent has to supply AWB/AWB copy and distribution authorisation letter when he/she comes to apply shipment distribution.
2. The distribution authorisation letter must be printed in the consignee’s company letter which contains the consignee’s Chinese & English name and address.
3. The authorization letter has to be original and with a consignee’s chop. At the same time the distribution authorization letter must be printed and must not be written by hand.
4. Due to whatever reason, the original authorisation letter could not be provided, consignee should fax the letter directly to 0755-29982798. And the paper could not be folded and altered.
5. The agent must show a working ID card for our reference.


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