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1.  Enter Customs Supervision Zone with IC card and park your truck in parking area.

2.  Provide shipment information to service counters in ICCS operation office and obtain your VCT (With AWB number, flight number, flight date, pieces, weight, destination, and forwarder company name and vehicle plate number).

3.  Write down your name, ID number and goods nature

4.  Submit your VCT to the ICCS operation staff and waiting for unloading.

5.  Sign on Cargo Acceptance Sheet as confirmation after unloading and wait until your shipments passing through X-Ray. Whenever the X-Ray guards require a check, please co-operate by unpacking.

6.  Leave with empty truck with IC card.

7.  Hand in AWB with Customs stamp, VCT and copy of Customs Declaration to ICCS service counters before the flight cut-off time and settle the bill.

Please refer to our duty staffs for further information
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