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Guideline of Charter Ground Handling

- Inquiry: consultants shall provide flight plan, goods information and handling requirements to ICCS as a base for quotation (Fill in and submit the form to or fax to +86 755 29982300; Click to download the form Charter handling request.pdf)

- Quotation: A quotation will be offered by ICCS based on the inquiry/requirements with services description)

- Contract: While both parties agree with the quotation, the Charter Ground Handling Agreement will become into effective since being signed/chopped by both parties. The involved parties, one is ICCS-the Handling Company, the other should be the Carrier or the authorized Charterer(Providing the charter contract or authorized letter from the Carrier for proof). The Charter Handling Agreements are in three originals, Charterer holds one and ICCS keeps two original.

- Coordination/Preparation: After the Charter Ground Handling Agreement singed, both parties shall provide contact details to each other for further coordination/Preparation purpose.

- Payment: The Carrier/Charter shall pay the full amount of the handling fee to the Handling Company before cargo is delivered to the flight or picked up by the consignee. Otherwise, the Handling Company has the right to withheld the cargo until receiving the full amount of the handling fee without any liability arising from this.

- Services: The Handling Company shall provide full handling services as agreed.



- Termination: Agreement will be terminated automatically after all agreed services rendered and all related handling fee is paid.

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